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My workout for weight loss (for beginners)

First, thank you all for your comments! Regarding this:
@rKaiser: I will write about gainning weight also, stay tuned.
@Mekor:Yes, that's the idea, every sport has his cardiovascular activities, and this means weight loss yes or yes ;).
Now, the workout:
We are going to separate exercises by muscles. Big ones will have more workout but don't forgetting the others.
But as I told, we are beginners so our daily workout will be very light first month.
Remember always stretch muscles we are going to workout. (I will blog about stretching too):
 - First we start with some biking: about 20 minutes: This is the base, always do some cardiovascular activity before starting.
Now, we are going to do full body workout but, very very light. Remember this is the begining of a long-length goal, so don't worry on how many you lift.
Numbers will be : sets/reps number of week (from 1 to 4):
[Keep the same weight 1st and 2nd week, the increase a little for 3rd and 4th week.]
[For beginners I prefer doing machine exercises but, if not posible, do it with dumbbells with instructor helping.]
-Chest: Bench press (Just the bar, or few weight!): 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)
-Triceps pushdown: 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)
-Shoulder press: 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)
-Legs: Squat: 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)
- Biceps: Curl: 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)
-Back: Wide grip pulldowns: 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)
-Calves: Standing Calf Raise: 4/12(1), 4/15(2), 4/18(3), 4/20(4)

After this we always do some normal abs: 4/15(1), 4/20(2&3), 4/25(4).
Done. Are you tired? Hold on. It's normal, but... - Treadmil for 15 minutes.

Well this is what I've done from Monday to Friday, but it is still good for a 3 days plan.
What's your opinion?
I will explain the proper way doing each exercise. I don't have many free time right now. Guess where I'm going now?

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Vulcan Raven said...

saving this link for future reference, as asson as my lazyness let me exercise...

InfinitePlans said...

You might possibly be going to the gym? :D

Pytr0nix said...

interesting, i will try it and ignore my own plan for the moment, lets see which is better :D

waiting 4 the stretching lessons ;)

NayNaySIXX said...

Interesting, might help me get fitter!

R said...

Nic workout tips!

yop said...

Can you give some tips to get wieght ?

Trainer said...

@yop: carbohydrates and hypertrophy exercises are the basis.One of these days I will blog a workout like today but for weight gaining ;)
But don't forget today's workout is for beginners so if you are starting, you should start training softly for preparing your body to do the hypertrophy exercices.

Zap McBlowfist said...

need to get rid of my xmas gut! following a great blog!

Chris said...

Good tips/guide. this will help me out a lot thank you!

BragonDorn said...

I have been telling myself that I need to lose some weight...

R.gers said...

Nice, I'll get these done after I've eaten my McDonalds dinner.

Zap McBlowfist said...

ni e info post mon frere !!! time to sort my life out x

Andy Santana said...

Passei para conhecer o seu blog,

Cross said...

Seriously awesome! Will follow, not make me fit!

Nothing Worth A Million Dollars said...

nice post, mind making a intermediates guide to bulking :p

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