Saturday, January 7, 2012 | | By: Trainer

Welcome, are you ready?

Hello to all that people interested getting fit, and welcome to my new blog.

First of all, I'm going to introduce myself: I'm a man, 24 years old and 180cm tall.

 I was a very fat person (about 110kg/242lb) in 2009, but since I go to the gym for 3 years right now I've become a very fit person (78kg/171lb). It has really changed my life.

I've won a lot of confidence, and now I'm able to practice many sports that I couldn't practice before because of my overweight. I also have more confidence talking with girls or going shopping some clothes.

Now, I'm going to share with you my day by day at gym, and write what I'm eating day by day. Note that I will begin this blog as if I'm a fat person again (hell no!) and start with a low intensity training and reducing bad food slowly.

Next update...: First days at gym, kicking out fast food!

Are you ready?

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Kompot said...

I dont know why im reading this, I love burgers (and im not fat).
But thanks for tips :)

Francis Caron said...

Oh! Great, being the beginning of the year, many people will follow your blog to motivated them to do their resolution!
I'm one of them! :)

Guillem Martinez said...

Thx to you i loss 40 lb many many thx bro

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