Thursday, March 1, 2012 | 5 comentarios | By: Trainer

I'm back with an injury...

Well, after some days away I am here again. I had not any time those past days till now. Today, thanks to a knee injury in Muay Thai classes I have a lot of time those next weeks.
Due to this I will be blogging more often also writing about my injury and my rehab sessions a little more.
Thanks to all the followers and readers, and special thanks to my MT partner for his rookie kick on my "unprotected knee" and a bandaged leg as a gift.
Thursday, February 16, 2012 | 5 comentarios | By: Trainer

Chest workout routine.

Hey there. After a month in the gym our body should be ready for increasing the exercises we do. So I will blog some routines focused in different muscles every day.
First day of workout will be for chest. Here is my chest routine:

*** Remember before starting any exercise do some cardio and stretching ***
- Bench Press: (with barbell) 12 reps / 4 sets - Try to increase weight every set. You MUST have help from instructor.
*** 2 min. rest***
- Incline Bench Press: 45 degree incline (with dumbbell) 12 reps / 4 sets - Try to increase weight every set.
*** 2 min. rest***
- Dumbbell flyes: 30 degree incline. 12 reps / 4 sets - Try to increase weight every set.
***2 min. rest***
- Decline Bench Press: (with barbell) 20 degree decline. 12 reps / 4 sets - Try to increase weight every set. You MUST have help from instructor.
*** 2 min. rest***
- Push ups: Max / 4 sets. After some weeks, put weight on you.
*** More cardio (30+ minutes)***

Next day we will focus on our back routine. Keep working!
Monday, January 30, 2012 | 18 comentarios | By: Trainer

Swimming for weight loss

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about swimming:

Swimming is one of my favourite activities so I practice it three time per week but, if you are not accustomed to swimming, the first few days your body will adapt and one of the adaptations is to create more muscle mass to make this exercise more effective. This will make don't note the fats burned because you will be increasing your weigh with the muscle mass.

Normally when you do an aerobic activity such as swimming the percentage of fat burned is greater when you take a few minutes in the activity, this means you should swim at least 15 minutes with a medium intensity.
A mistake in wanting to lose weight by swimming is swimming at a high intensity, it makes the majority used energy are carbohydrates instead of fats.

Don't worrt if firsts days  you can't swim more than 5 minutes. Be patient, wait some minute to recover some energy, and continue some more minutes swimming.

Over the days you will be getting more fit and be able to take any more time swimming, so it is also important to take it slow and go in progression.
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | 17 comentarios | By: Trainer

The weakness feeling.

That weakness feeling happened to me some months ago.

After workout, or even when you wake up in the morning you don't want to do anything, you feel shaky.
For my experience I can tell you: eat better (sometimes I should say "more") and don't exceed with workout.

After some weeks of workout you think you can do more and more, and yes, you can do more but after some days you will feel as shit. Then is when lot of people leaves the gym and starts again a more sedentary life. In that moment starts the rebound effect (will talk about it), and all your previous efforts were for nothing.

When you have that feeling the best you can do is still going to the gym, change the workout if needed to another one more soft, and eat some more/better, because one of the most popular thoughts is "eat less, training hard,  get thin faster", and that's not true.
Monday, January 23, 2012 | 13 comentarios | By: Trainer

Monitoring your heart rate.

Hey readers, it's monday again and time to return to our workout.

Today I'm gonna tell you about the heart rate and why we should monitor it.

All you know that when running, biking or doing anyother aerobic exercise our pulse is accelerating more or less. Inside this accelerations we should find a range wich we will be burning calories in an ideal way.

This range it's easy to calculate if we have a control of our heart rate, that because I recommend using a heart rate monitor.
The basic formula for calculating the minimum heart rate of this range is:
- (220 - age) x 0,6 = To the minimum pulse you should have when doing any aerobic exercise.

And the formula for calculating the maximum heart rate of this range is:
- (220 - age) x 0,85 = To the maximum pulse you should have when doing any aerobic exercise.

Doing exercises between this range will help you burning calories in an optimum way and having a better cardiovascular performance.

If your heart rate is less than the minimum calculated, you are too lazy and must do some more for burning fats. And if your heart rate is more than the maximum calculated, slow down, you are running out of oxygen and you are doing anaerobic exercise.

Also remember, the minimum  time recommended is 20 minutes of exercises, but best results are when doing it about 30 or 40 minutes.

So it's time to monitor your heart rate! Are you doing it?
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Sunday morning... Running!

Hey there, a quick update before I go.

Today we are going to run, a little late but at least we are doing something as every Sunday.

When I say "we" I mean me and two friends from the gym and muay thai classes.

So now we are leaving to the mountain for some running with some inclination /declination for being a little bit harder.

Tomorrow I will blog about heart beating and the importance of it for weight losing.

Leaving now, enjoy your Sunday!
Saturday, January 21, 2012 | 12 comentarios | By: Trainer

Weekend relax

Well, it's Saturday and today I'm going to do nothing!

After all this week I need some rest, and because tomorrow for sure I will go biking or running I'm going to relax today.

It's my only relaxing day on the week after a Monday-Friday workout, so I'm not going to have a long talk today, sorry guys.

Tomorrow I will update to share my Sunday morning activity if good weather here.

Hope you all enjoy this weekend as I will do, and I want to see your weekend plans in comments!